IFR, or Integral Foot Reflexology

Whether you suffer from stress, back pain, intestinal issues, headaches, poor sleep or anxiety, … many of these ailments can be relieved by massaging the feet and toes. Those are the benefits of foot reflexology. This gentle foot massage technique stimulates and boosts the nervous system. This centuries-old practice is based on the principle that connections to the reflex organs of the human body can be found in the foot and massaging these has a beneficial impact on those parts of your body where you experience pain. The massage also stimulates the blood circulation in the foot and promotes bloodflow, which activates the circulation of energy. Every part of the body can be found in the reflex zone of the foot. You must address the reflex zones of the foot to allow energy to again flow freely through the entire body. When you massage the reflex zone the related organ receives a better flow of blood. Impurities are tackled. Reflexology is a unique and natural method based on the principle of self-healing.


The massage also stimulates the blood circulation in the foot and promotes blood flow, which activates the circulation of energy.


Benefits: relaxes and harmonises the body, reduces stress and anxiety, optimises blood flow, stimulates the capacity to self-heal, strengthens the immune system; basically, the perfect method to use, whether or not combined with traditional and complementary therapies.


In short, foot reflexology is natural, simple, pleasant, relaxing and preventive.


Rate: 45-minute treatment for €65

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Maternity reflexology

Before, during and after pregnancy, a mother more than ever deserves extra support in order to make every process of her pregnancy as uneventful and enjoyable as possible.
Maternity reflexology is a gentle method to provide support to the mother and her unborn child. There are a multitude of changes taking place during the pregnancy and these can have many mental, emotional and physical consequences.
Maternity reflexology is greatly harmonising, both for mother and for the unborn child. It always helps to reduce complaints and problems that occur during pregnancy. This includes nausea, fatigue, food cravings, heartburn, oedema, panic attacks, sensitive breasts, heart palpitations, leg cramps, hip pains, etc. Foot reflexology activates the self-healing capacity and the body once again finds harmony.
During a maternity reflexology session, the mother is able to give herself a moment of peace and support, and enjoy this to the fullest together with her unborn child.
Of course, we can’t forget about the father. After all, the mother and father are pregnant TOGETHER.

  Rate: 45-minute treatment for €65

Reflexology is for everyone, kids included.

We can’t overlook the fact that we live in a stressful world and our children too are very sensitive to this stress. We sometimes forget that children can suffer from the same complaints as their parents. Kids also really enjoy a relaxing moment. There is a session of 30 minutes for children up to the age of 14; this of course means a lower rate.

Rate: 30-minute treatment for €50

Metamorphosis techniques

By gently stroking your foot, hands and head, your innate inner power is released and stimulated. This helps to break down blocks that have been there for years, sometimes completely unknown to you, after which you can transform into the “real you” with guidance.

 (Technique developed by Gaston Saint Pierre)

 Rate: 60-minute treatment for €65


Nutritional expert

Due to the high levels of pressure at work, long traffic jams, a busy social life and children, we often no longer take the time to make fresh, balanced, home-made meals on a regular basis. This eventually results in complaints such as a bloated feeling, as well as a poor and slow digestion, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, etc.


Every person is different and so no “standard diet” exists. A personalised profile of a person is created using certain analysis techniques (blood group, iridology), based on which a fortifying nutritional plan is recommended.


In order to make as much use of the first appointment as possible, we request that you keep a food journal. What and when you eat is incredibly important. An analysis is then created and a plan is drawn up in consultation with you.


The intention is to create a long-term vision so that it is no longer just a diet, but a healthy lifestyle.



First consultation: An hour and a half for €100

Following consultations: 1 hour for €65

Deep-tissue massage

Deep-tissue massage is a manual massage technique that loosens up tense, knotted muscles and tissues.


Muscle tension can cause great many pains in the body. Continuous stress can tense up the muscles too much, which reduces the blood flow to these muscles. After a while, these muscles begin to hurt and can also become stiff and cramped. Deep-tissue massage ensures that the pain is reduced, the freedom of movement increased, the blood flow improved, and the connective tissue loosened.


Muscle tension can also be a result of emotional tensions that get buried, such as shoulder and neck problems. These tensions are also reduced.


Deep-tissue massage is a natural cure that stimulates the body’s self-healing mechanism. A deep-tissue massage cure can require 3 to 5 treatments, depending on the issue.


Great for neck and shoulder pain, lower back and knee problems, heel spurs, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, etc.


 Rate for massage: 1 hour for €65, depending on the complaint